Enriched Arts Curriculum

We believe a complete and quality elementary education is one that educates the whole child, engaging them across a diverse range of subject areas and skill sets in a way that both fosters their success as students and enhances their development as people. Our curriculum keeps our students’ curious minds engaged and excited to come to school every day. Students receive approximately two hours of enrichment classes every day.

enriched arts


Each student receives instruction from our highly trained music teachers every day. We believe music is such an important part of our students’ education and development that we consider it a fifth core discipline. Beyond the classroom, students participate in an extracurricular chorus and band program, biannual all-school concerts, and an annual musical theater production. While we don’t consider ourselves a music school, we do believe that learning how to read and write music, improvise variations on a theme, and sing and play an instrument before a live audience sets our students apart—and directly impacts how well they perform in all other academic areas. They build communication and collaboration skills, self-discipline and self-esteem, and learn to conquer fears and take risks.


All students study French beginning in Kindergarten to learn how to communicate in the language both verbally and in writing, while developing cross-cultural skills and understanding. French gives our students the experience of learning a second (or third) language, as many are already being raised in Spanish- and Chinese-speaking homes.


We consider art an essential part of developing creativity and critical thinking skills. Our program includes the study of artists, genres, and styles ranging from Lower East Side street art to the masters in the Metropolitan Museum, as well as hands-on projects exploring color, composition, and technique.

Health and Physical Education

We include health classes and physical education to keep our students active and energized.


We include technology classes to teach our students how to be safe on the internet.